Footie Fans, You Don’t know What Hurt Is…

Ah you footie fans. Every four years you get a chance to have a right good old moan about the forty years of hurt waiting for Engerland to win the World Cup again.

And let’s face it, England don’t get very close, very often.

What about us tennis fans waiting for a British male to win a grand slam, eh?

That’s hurt for you.

Seventy odd years, seventy odd years with four opportumities every year!!!

And how the hope flares when we get a semi decent player!

Marc Cox, Roger Taylor, John “Legs” Lloyd, Greg Rusedski – he made a final I think, American Open late 90s.

St Tim Henman, so near and yet so far, a man who so perfected the art of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

And now our Andy. A truly brilliant player on his day. In the early stages of his career he was the only man apart from Rafa Nadal to beat Roger Federer in one particular season. And he didn’t just beat him once, he did it twice!

He can unravel Rafa on a good day.

He can make Novak Djokovic look like Kim Novak when he’s on form.

He riddles Andy Roddick and doesn’t give a sod about Robin Soderling, so long as it’s not a Grand Slam final.

And so, yesterday, Novak Djokovich whupped him in straight sets, a fine demonstation of superlative tennis – bit of a Murray Walker moment there – and Andy could do sweet FA about it.

That’s hurt footie fans, that is really hurt.

3 thoughts on “Footie Fans, You Don’t know What Hurt Is…

  1. You want a Murray Wankerism? Here we go:

    And Andy Murray is playing such scintillating tennis he would be running away with this gramd slam final if Djokovich wasn’t beating him.


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