Big Banks Do Well Out Of Sleazy Little Acts Of Thievery

HSBC said profits nearly tripled last year to $19bn (£12bn) pre-tax – the highest earnings generated by a British bank since the start of the financial crisis.

Europe’s biggest bank said it had made a promising start to the year but despite the strong figures the shares fell 3pc

Analysts said the profits were about $1bn lower than expected and Stuart Gulliver, the chief executive, had cut the bank’s long-term return on equity target to 12pc-15pc from 15pc-19pc.

Oh tough, it makes your heart bleed doesn’t it? How do you think the banking giant made its profit? By stealing from us of course.

Financial advice helplines have been getting a lot of complaints that credit card bills paid by cash or cheque several days before the due date are consistently not being cleared until a day after they are due, thus the cardholder despite making every reasonable effort to pay the bill on time incurs a late payment penalty.

Sleazy little scams like thiis have become commonplace as the fucking crooks bankers try to recoup the stupendous amounts they lost gambling on toxic debt derivatives. Such brilliant businessmen are these warthog felching bloodsuckers financial wizards that sleazy little acts of theivery are the only way they can think of to turn a profit on their crooked dealings.

What they hope of course is we can all be bullied into giving them direct debiting rights on our accounts. Once that happens your wage or salary will be gone before you even see your payslip.

If the coalition wants to give itself a chance of survival, the Conservatives want to remain in power or the Lib Dems simply want to survive they should reopen the National Girobank thus giving The Post Oiffice a lease of life and freeing us from having to deal with thieving scumbag sons of a pox whore’s scablice companies in the finance industry.

Yes, it might open up new opportunities for robbers but as the great Woodie Guthrie once sang:

This wicked world we live in
Is full of thieving men
some will rob you with a shotgun
Others do it with a pen

Or a few keystrokes on their computer these days.

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7 thoughts on “Big Banks Do Well Out Of Sleazy Little Acts Of Thievery

  1. Fab post, Ian. No love lost there. I was in a bank queue and the customer said to the cashier loud enough for all to hear “No, don’t worry, I trust you.” I swear, everyone in that queue started laughing.

    This is from Buffe Sainte Marie’s “THE PRIESTS OF THE GOLDEN BULL.”…..

    “Third-worlders see it first:
    The dynamite, the dozers, the cancer and the acid rain
    The corporate caterpillars come into our backyards
    And turn the world to pocket change
    Reservations are the nuclear frontline;
    Uranium poisoning kills
    We’re starving in a handful of gluttons
    We’re drowning in their gravy spills”


    • Athelstan,
      I’ve been a victim of the slow payment clearance scam myself. Strangely the money goes out of my account instantly but take five or six working days to land in the credit card system of the same bank.

      Haven’t heard much of Buffy lately (not since she gave up vampires slaying) but I remember her in the 60s. Oops, showing my age again.


    • Of course it is. The other big rip off merchants are insurance firms. They cant steal from us with dodgy pensionand and investments now so they are jacking car insurance up.

      And the EU are helping them


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