Question Of The Week

Not trying to step on NotBob’s toes here, it is only one question, with no right or wrong answers, just what you the punter thinks.

What is the occupation of the owner of this vehicle?

Black Porsche Cayenne.

Registration plate : T44RTS

Is it

A) a baker


B) a brothel keeper

7 thoughts on “Question Of The Week

  1. People are still trying to work out what K22RAL has to do with me.

    It doesn’t. The guy it belonged to had given up driving and gone to live in France, he couldn’t sell it and I couldn’t be arsed reregistering. A number plate is a number plate.

    As for T44RTS, I’d say it’s a footballers agent on the lookout for some new clients.



    Mr James Hayter alias Mr Kipling c/0 Manor Bakeries’

    Premier Foods Group Limited 00281728
    Premier Grocery Products Ireland Limited Irish Company Number: 316544

    are all trading subsidiaries of Premier Foods plc No. 05160050.

    All are registered in England with Registered Office at: Premier House, Centrium Business Park, Griffiths Way, St Albans, Hertfordshire AL1 2RE


    • Mr Kipling eh. Not only makes exceedingly good cakes then but drives exceedingly expensive cars.

      No worries here, anything Mrs. T doesn’t bake comes from a local traditional bakers.


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