Have A Drink And A Ciggy And Save The Country Some Money

If you are as sick as I am of special branch agents of Nanny States Politically CorrectThought Police wagging their fingers and telling you how much money your irresponsible self indulgence costs the country you’ll be please to hear they’re lying.

Get a few cans in or a bottle of wine, a packet of ciggies (preferable contraband because that realy pisses Nanny off) and order pies or burgers or a KFC Bucket o’Shite for supper.

Financially it’s OK to have a few drinks, enjoy a smoke and eat some tasty food. These things done to excess might be bad for you personally but that’s your business. Nanny has been lying about how much they cost the country.

In fact as this post from points out, The Adam Smith Institute smokers and people who drink and eat heartily are saving the country money

Pasty Tax: Osbornes War On Pies
Inflation Threat To UK Economy

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