United Against Sanity

Boggart Blog like to focus on the absurdity rather than the tragedy of the human condition. Therefore we have had little to say about the unpleasantness in North Africa and the middle east, even though it has been going on for three months.

Likewise we have ignored the kerfuffle in Ivory Coast. There President Gbagbo who lost an election refused to step down, saying the other lot were cheats. In the best tradition of kindergarden politics they stood face to face yelling “I’m not a cheat, youre a cheat” at easch other for a while and then decided to sort it out by having a fight.

If only Harry Hill were head on the United Nations instead of Ming Mong Moon we could cut the crap and get to the fight in a fraction of the time.

Recently however things have taken a sininter turn when Ming Mong Moon, chief noodle maker to the New World Order, sanctioned militaty support for rebels in both Libya and Ivory Coast.

It is of course completely against the UN charter to take sides in a civil war, a fact not missed by the Russians and Chinese.

Perhaps it is just conincidence that since UN troops and aircraft started supporting the rebels, the regimes they were trying to overthrow have got off the backfoot and seized the initiative.

Obviously if you are trying to overthrow a tyrannical regime or simply replace it with another tyrannical regime, the last people you need on your side are the United Nations.

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