Breaking News on the Bin Laden story.

Boggart Blog’s Conspiracy theories desk hasd this morning been inindated with theories about the death of Osame bin Laden: His body was disposed of at sea because he was killed by the Godfather in a dispute about who controls the Olive Oil trade, He is not dead but alive and well and living in Jordan’s bra and most frequently that he has been dead for years and recent sightings of him were as an extra in Chanel 5’s Zombie series the walking dead.

Boggart Blog can reveal however that we have received an e – mail from the headquarters of Al Quaeda, sent from the mail box of Osama bin Laden himsel:

From: ossy59@
Date: 110502 Time: 1243.17

I’m not dead, I’m getting better.

5 thoughts on “Breaking News on the Bin Laden story.

  1. My private mole in Atagodabad (Christ I wish you could spell, Herbie!),informs me that Bin Laden had his throat cut by one of the 53 virgins (you know, the ones Connolly,s always going on about), for penetration beyond the law. Just then the SEALs broke in, shagged all 53 (sorry 52) of them and dragged Bin Laidem out. Tragic story.


    • FCutting his throat must have been a messy business seeing as he’s been dead since 2007.

      I thought it was 72 virgins but another point of view from an expert in ancient languageds is that it’s a mistranslation and it is 72 raisins than martyrs get.

      That would be a real downer.


  2. Funny you should mention that joke – I re-watched Holy Grail on Friday night.

    “I didn’t know we had a king. I thought we were an autonomous collective.”


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