Thanks to the latest scientific breakthough Pigs Might Fly

Yeah right, and Pigs Might Fly we always say sarcastically when somebody suggests the impossible will actually happen sometime soon.

Thanks however to the greatest scientific breakthrough in … ooooooh, the last two hours we might have to change that to elephants might join the royal ballet, Wayne Rooney might win mastermind or Bruce Forsyth might retire.

A team involved in stem cell research claim they have grown human organs for transplant operations in pigs (read full human organs in pigs story). They simply inject human stem cells into pigs and hey – presto, you have kidneys hearts, lungs or livers. Eat your hearts out Penn and Teller – oops, pardon.

So if it’s that easy to make pigs grow spares for human bodies surely it will not be long before somebody hits on the idea of injecting albatross organs in pigs, sheep or even Shetland Ponies.

The story could of course be a false claim, another research grant phishing expedition like when they said they had grown human sperm in mouse testicles or obtained human milk from genetically modified cows or a guy said he had created a new lifeform in a test tube (it’s life Jim but not as we know it) …

2 thoughts on “Thanks to the latest scientific breakthough Pigs Might Fly

  1. Both BBC and SezJez have created interesting new life forms in the array of coffee dregged cups that festoon any and every flat surface in their bedrooms:)


    • Dave and Gabby used to do that too. Then one night Gabby had a friend Donna stay over. Donna slept next to the window sill where an impressive array of alien life forms were in various stages of development. When ganbby awoke Donna was not there. Nobody has seen her since. Ta ta taaaaaaaaa!

      (There is a rational explanation of course)


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