It’s not the gay nor the BLT sandwich but the business that pisses me off.

A couple of days ago I reveived this message via email:

We saw your business on the web and wanted to invite you to add a Free Listing to the largest and highest ranked Gay and Lesbian Directory serving the LGBT community.

We are #1 on Google with over 30,000 hits a day. You get a full page with contact info, picture gallery, description, and map with directions to your business.

It totally pissed me off. This is not difficult as I am easily pissed off by web bullshit.

It was not the gay thing that pissed me off however. It was not the BLT bit although being a northern lad I prefer bacon sandwiches to be adulterated only by fried egg and brown sauce.

No, what pissed me off was the stuff about my business. I do not have a business online. I do not have a business at all. So if people are going to gather data on my web activities I just wish they would write some decent software capable of analysing it properly.

Or better still, respect my privacy and fuck the fucking fuck off.

5 thoughts on “It’s not the gay nor the BLT sandwich but the business that pisses me off.

  1. You know when these emailers are lying – its when their automated keyboard is clicking! I have had some hilarious ones sent to me over the years, yet I am still utterly bemused why people fall for these things!


  2. It s enough to make a cat cry! I love the ones that say you have inherited a few million from some guy who died in a plane crash….just send your bank details so they can put the money in your account….


  3. Apparently people do fall for it – they they get in touch with one of those BBC consumer protection programmes and are interviewed by a carrot that looks like a willie.


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