Dominic Struss Kahn – whitewash being liberally applied.

We have news today that New York state prosecutors are about to drop sexual assault charges against international parasite bureaucrat Dominic Strauss – Kahn. American news bulletins report it was impossible yesterday to buy whitewash anywhere between the east coast and the Mississippi as all retailers had sold out.

Strauss Kahn was accused in May of assaulting a chamber maid at the luxurious Sofitel Hotel in Manhattan and forcing her to have sex with him. He says he paid her for a BJ. Investigators say the woman was using her job to offer sexual services to hotel guests.

Nobody seems to have asked why men who put up in five star hotels and whose tab is picked up by taxpayers would bother with a low rent hooker when their expense accounts would easily stretch to the kind of $1000 a night escort

The credibility of the hotel maid’s evidence may be crumbling under media pressure but the Washington Post reporter who said “Nothing that comes out of her mouth can be believed.

Not even the traces of semen containing Strauss Kahn.s DNA found in saliva samples obtained from the maid? Hmmm?

A withdrawal of charges would clear DSK of all suspicion in this case paving the way for him to resurrect his bid to become President of France.

In the light of other sexual assault allegatons made against the former MF chief we may guess his first act as President would be to restore ‘Jus Primae Noctis’.

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8 thoughts on “Dominic Struss Kahn – whitewash being liberally applied.

    • No. Nobody would give a damn. It’s a joke :))

      (Jus Primae Noctis, or ‘first night rule’ was a clause in the medieval Droit de Seigneur – Rights of the Lord – which granted the feudal lord the right to sleep with any woman on his estate on her wedding night. Jus primae noctis was was not popular with the peasants and fell into disuse in the twelveth century.)


  1. Infact it is regarded by some historians as a bit of myth. Bit like the backronym Fornication Under Command of the King. On the contary our strongest swear words are all derived from Latin.


    • He might still get his come uppance. The show ain’t over til the hotel cleaning lady sings. And if charges are dropped she will be singing to the world media.


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