Indecent Exposure At The Open Golf?

Watching a little of the Open golf tournament I was reminded that television commentators on golf or any other sport for that matter live not just on a different planet but in a universe of their own. Faced with a lull in the action because everyone had fallen down a hole / gone for a wee / was busy playing sandcastles, the man on the mic. decided to wax lyrical about the facilities at the host club, Sandwich.

“There is a wonderful clubhouse here, the food and drink are excellent,” he enthused, “the only problem is it is quite a long way from the first tee so you can’t sit in a window and watch old Fred bang one off.”

Now I don’t know if watching old Fred bang one off of is part of the game of golf everywhere or just a local tradition at Royal Sandwich Golf Club but I certainly don’t want to watch him. As far as I’m concerned his private life is his own business but I hope club officials would warn him his habits could get him arrested.

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