The Apprentice: Return of the one trick pony

It was good to see Jedi Jim, the vacuum cleaner salesman with delusions of grandeur, the slick manipulator with the bifurcated tongue skewered last night. Jim, who used the Jedi mind trick on weaker minded opponents by persuading them they should tell ‘Lord’ Sugar they were crap and deserved to be sacked far more than their Jedi colleague, who had presented a completely unfeasible business plan then tried to use the Jedi mind trick on four experienced business people by baffling them with cliches and mangement speak.

Like the famous Stuart ‘Baggs the brand’ last year Jim declared he was not a one trick pony (WTF is a one trick pony?) and then unlike Stuart who waited to be told he was not even a pony, Jim proceeded to demonstrate that he is in fact a no trick pony by answering every question with a cliche as if he was trying to compete at selling tat with Del Boy down the market.

Eventually he was cornered by the excellent Margaret Mountford.

“Without using a cliche Jim can you sum yourself up in a single sentence for me,” Margaret asked.

“I am exactly what it says on the tin so I am,” said Jim as if his brain was running a computer programme. (He didn’t actually say ‘so I am, but he implied it.)

Margaret’s raised eyebrow said it all.

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4 thoughts on “The Apprentice: Return of the one trick pony

    • I’d never watched it before but got caught up the last two episodes and will make sure I get caught up in the last two episodes again (as with X-Factor etc).

      At last I ‘get’ Alan Sugar and his fundamental belief that anybody can make money out of anything (good for both the individual and national economy). I understand his frustration in dealing with dim grasping blaggers whilst keeping one eye on the main chance.

      It’s great telly, and the odd British inventor still wins through. Tom and his chair eh – what are they like ?


      • Hello Ruby, good to see you’re still around. Watch out for todays post to be put up in a few minutes, one of my greatest puns ever.

        But what on earth are you suggesting in your comment? That ‘Lord’ Sugar is a one trick pony?


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