The transparency of British Gas.

After many complaints the utilities regulators have told energy companies they must be more transparent about how their prices are formulated.

If this criticism includes my gas supplier I think it is totally unfair. Those theiving scumbags extremely nice people at British Gas wrote me a very polite letter explaining that they must put up my gas prices by 18% in August because of increases in wholsale prices of gas. Now my instant and I have to say unworthy reaction was to shout “the lying gobshites, wholesale prices have gone down recently.”

The morons efficient staff at B(friendly)G were ahead of me however. They explained that they have to buy gas in advance to secure supplies so the prices they are talking about were for gas they bought yonks ago when the market peaked.

“What kind of cupid stunt do they think I am?” I asked, rhetorically.

Mrs. T who is always telling me off for being rude and abrasive when dealing with civil servants, utility company staff and any other jobsworths I encounter persuaded me not to phone the CEO of B friendly G and tell him what I thought of the shoddy, money grubbing efficient, customer oriented operation he runs. She said I would only end up getting angrier because I cannot punch people down a phone line. She also persuaded me not to write to the papers and insult everyone working for British Gas they are ordinary, hard working folk and are doing their absolute best even if the result is not very good by real world standards … and at least they had taken the trouble to write.

Then to reinforce her calm tolerant approach she said, “Look, they are even giving us a chance to peg our price against further increases, if we pay an extra five percent on top of the new price after the increase they will guarantee to hold that price for two years.”

This is very generous of them as there is no way a major gas supplier could know gas prices are expected to fall in the remainder of this year.

My wife is a wonderfully kind person and her generosity of spirit knows no bounds. She has made me see it would have been totally unreasonable of me to call the management team at BG a bunch of crooked, lying, scum sucking offspring of a pustulating pox whore’s scrofulous scablouse and they could take their price cap and fuck the fucking fuck off. After all they are clearly working very hard at being more transparent about their pricing structure and it has to be said, they are succeeding. I saw through this latest scam straight away.

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17 thoughts on “The transparency of British Gas.

  1. It’s like a direct debit arrangement with your bank – but worse. Not only do the grasping scumbags want the security of your money, they want a freakin’ increase!


    • Yeah, we went on direct debit once. Throughout the two summer quarters when bills were low our payments stayed the same. As soon as the Ovtober – December quarter bill came in they doubled what they took from us.

      The dangerous thing about DD is the nature of the system can drive someone into overdraft and saddle them with a huge penalty from the bank.

      Pay quarterly by cheque and stuff ’em I say.
      A future of medieval serfdom


  2. Say mould thing isnt it – oil back down to under $110 a barrel but price @ pumps sticking at the all time high, c. £1.40 litre.
    “Thieving scumbags” is putting it mildly.
    No wonder sales of wood burnring stoves c/w midnight skip timber raids going through the roof.

    They’re all at it so f*k em, needs must the devil drives.


  3. Hey, at least British Gas send you a letter (even if they do send hired thugs round later), Sky don’t even give you that courtesy before they whack your subscription up. That made Dad see the light, and now he only pays £70 a year to a Romanian satellite provider.


  4. Well here’s the bad news, British Gas will today announce further pice increases to recoup the £2.5 million pound fine imposed on them for shoddy customer sevice.

    You read it here first:)


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