The Islamic Republic Of East London

There’s troble brewing in Sharia Hamets where Lufther Rahman, leader of the Islamic Republic of East London is encouraging his supporters to get a bit above themselves.

The excellent Dick Puddlecote posted this yesterday:

It is understood posters (like the one below) were found last Thursday morning at council-managed housing blocks in Shadwell, next to the DLR and Overground station.


They state: “You are entering a Shariah controlled zone. Islamic rules enforced.”

Underneath, images declare that smoking, alcohol, music, drugs, prostitution and porn are forbidden.

[Islamic preacher Anjem Choudary] said: “This will mean this is an area where the Muslim community will not tolerate drugs, alcohol, pornography, gambling, usury, free mixing between the sexes – the fruits if you like of Western civilisation.

“This will be a very heavy leafleting campaign aimed at both the Muslim and non-Muslim community in terms of what the Sharia means economically, socially and politically.”

Earlier this year, he claimed he had “thousands” of people willing to patrol streets up and down the UK to dissuade people from anti-Islamic behaviour.Porn?!? From my cold, dead hands, sunshine!

A police spokeswoman said: “We are aware of a limit [sic] number of posters appearing in Waltham Forest, Tower Hamlets and Newham.

“Officers are working closely with the local authority to have the posters removed as soon as possible.”Why bother? Street prostitution is already illegal, as is drug use in public; alcohol-free zones are in abundance around the country; ASH have openly advocated outdoor smoking bans; noise nuisance bylaws are commonplace to prohibit music; and they’ll be getting round to porn and gambling soon enough, if not already.

Though I usually broadly agree with Dick on most things my comment was:

On this occasion Dick I have to disagree with you. If this Sharia business means Hattie Harperson, Jaqui Smith, Hazel Blears, ‘Baroness Ashton and all those other sour faced champions of political correctness in the Labour Party have to go around with bags over their heads it could turn out to be a good thing.

If however anyone should slap a “No sarcasm” notice on they can expect trouble from Boggart Blog.

“>World Bank Chief Warns Golbal Economy Is Entering A New Danger Zone

5 thoughts on “The Islamic Republic Of East London

    • Yeah, bring back the proper east end. All this gentrification and multiculturalism has runined hit. When Dinsdale nailed you head to a coffee table of Duggie used sarcasm on you at least they were fair about it. (Monty Python – The Piranha Bros – part 1part 2)


      • Sure. Reggie was quite fair to Jack “the hat” McVittie after luring him to a flat on the promise of a swinging house party.
        Reg offered him a digestive and a cuppa before bread-knifing him and having the room redecorated.

        Jack’s last words apparently were ” where’s all the crumpet then?”

        Can’t be fairer than that! 🙂


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