Hating the internet with a vengance…

Now I have never been slow to admit I am not a great fan of internet technology and they systems we must use to access the net. Recently however I am developing genocidal feeling towards nerds.

While Page and Brin, leaders of Google (“Don’t be evil, that’s our job”) seem able to make search results ever more irrelevant information wise but ever higher on the irritating load of irrelevant arse dribble scale (When searching for sites featuring the work Pre – Raphaelite artists I do not want two million sites offering me the chance to buy prints / porn / penis enlargement / peanut butter at discount prices.

Even so, for sheer Satanic evil nobody has yet come close to Microsoft. They are pure evil, Azazel, Beelzebub, Cthulhu and Dennis the Menace rolled into one.

I recently signed up for a security service on my broadband service. Malware protection should always have been on the servers, they are far better placed to scan traffic than anything in our homes. Unfortunately in unloading Macafee which came pre loaded with the PC I found several important Windows components stopped working.

With pre loaded Windows systems, though it is not a difficult job to restore damaged operating system files, it is long winded, messy and a pain in the arse.

I am in the process of moving to Linux (mostly because of the non existent security of Windows systems) but have quite a way to climb up the learning curve yet so I need Windows for a while.

Which means I will have to spend most of the next few days restoring the system following what should be a simple and straightforward operation. Actually anti virus software causes more problems than most viruses.

The problem is of course due to all Microsoft’s efforts to convince us Windows can think like a human (it can’t, no machine ever will) they have ended up with a system so bloated and complex nobody really knows how it works anymore. So if you try to do something a bit clver you find Windows in conflict with itself.

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3 thoughts on “Hating the internet with a vengance…

  1. Macafee is notoriously difficult to get rid of as used to be the case with Norton (I should know, having had atrocious experiences with both,) but nothing, and I can assure you NOTHING ever dreamt by the hordes of demons in the lowest pits of hell can compare to Kaspersky!

    If I was given just those three to choose from I’d rather go unprotected with my fingers crossed.


    • My daughter uses avira which seems very good for a lightweight. I went almost unprotected for years by the simple expedient of turning off Win 98’s ability to run VB scripts and using a bit of common sense about email attachments. Can’t do that in XP and in the past year malware has got a lot nastier and can often waltz past security programmes to infect system files.

      My linux has a wonderfully simple way to beat that. I use Knoppix which runs from a read only CD.


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