Apprentices: A format worth doing a thousand times?

People with good memories sometimes pick me up for recycling jokes, using the same joke but rewording it to fit different circumstances. Well as anyone who has ever done standup (as I have back in the days when I could stand up) will tell you,
“If a joke is worth doing once it’s worth doing a thousand times.”

Not so with ‘reality’ TV formats however.

Celebrity Apprentices with Donald Trump, Piers Morgan, a guy who used to be in the Sopranos and still thinks he is a Capo di Mafia and a load of people I’ve never heard of or remember only because they used to be somebody well known.

What I’m talking about is, you remember Taxi, the show that launched Danny di Vito to stardom? Well one of the celebrity apprentices is the fit redhead who was launched to obscurity by the same show.

Another reality show on at the monent is a kind of X Factor for standups (the C factor – I mean C for comedy of course, not the painfully unfunny ‘Cs’ who have been kicked out so far. The best line I’ve heard in the show to date came from one of the judges, Kate Capstick. She told an aspiring comedian before giving him his marching orders, “You’re ego is writing cheques you talent can’t cash.”

Now that one really is a keeper.

(NB: Anyone thinking of telling me I watch too uch crap on TV, well I’m not ashamed of watching what I watch but the trick of getting a blog post out of a show you haven’t watched is to watch one episode and get to know the format then read the reviews online. It’s a bit like the technique for the art of talking bollocks and talking about books we haven’t read.

Apprentices (comic verse)

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