The riots and the retribution

The rioting and looting this week is an inevitable consequence of allowing the justice system to be hijacked bty the Politically Correct Thought Police and their penchant for excusing all perps by claiming they committed criminal acts because they are victims of society.

Victims of society they may be but they still need a good slapping to keep them in line.

So I was mildly encouraged yeaterday when Dve came out with a good line. “If these people are old enough to commit the crimes they are old enough to face the punishment.”

Good line, I though before it sank it that it was just a political line. Cameron has shown he is right with the Politically Correct thinking of the ‘concensus’ so when he talks of facting the punishment he probably means two weeks on an Intensive Individual Therapy Programme (aka a two week adventure holiday.)

15 thoughts on “The riots and the retribution

    • Weeeeeeeeeeeell – excepting Harriet Harman maybe, she tried to blame the rioting on the coalition raising university tuition fees – like any of the knuckle draggers we saw on television are ever going to trouble university admissions panels.


      • I found another more odious creature than a politically correct Tory; the Chicago sociology professor (I think his name is Waddac Hunt) who says ‘the dispossessed and disadvantaged young black people in inner city ghettoes are protesting at the way Britain has been taken over by Tea Party values.

        But I am amused by the way American ‘liberals’ still manage to delude themseves that the world hates America solely because of George W. Bush. Bush contributed but it started long before he came on the scene.


    • They’re pleading guilty because they think if the plead innocent they go down, if they plead guilty they get the adventure holiday as a reward for saving a lot of paperwork. Feasible?


      • Yeah, they have no fear of retribution.
        I had a Haringey “bro ” threaten to kill me ( and he didnt care if he went to jail) if I didnt stump up 500 notes on the spot for a tiny scrape I’d caused on his ill-gotten pimpmobile Merc.

        Dave Chameleon, typical Tory party hypocrite on wheels – saying all the right things while doing all the wrong ‘uns.

        Consistently over the past 35 years.

        And for that we all must pay.


      • How good it would have been if we could have kept Australia free for penal colony purposes. Still there’s always the Falklands, an even more unpleasant environment than the land of searing heat and poisonous spiders.

        And we’s kill tow birds with one stone. Filling the place with arseholes would shut the Argies right up.


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