A couple of jokes about whining lefties

Ho hum, the news is all about fall out from the riots, fall out from tyhe financial crisis and football managers falling out with their players.

I’ve just come back from my daily browse round some American blogs where the ‘liberals’ as rabid, hard line, politically correct lefties in America like to style themselves because Americans are all emotionally needy and desperately want people to like them.

Having posted a few comments to the effect that it’s wrong to keep saying the world hates them because of George W Bush and the Tea Party because we hated them long before that, I feel like posing a couple of anti – (American) Liberal jokes. If you are a Lib Dem or like myself a non political liberal I don’t mean you.

Why do liberals have horrible whiney voices?
So blind people can hate them too.

What’s the difference between a Jumbo Jet and an American Liberal?
The Jumbo stops whining when it gets to Heathrow.

Cimedy – Humour

3 thoughts on “A couple of jokes about whining lefties

  1. Yeah, I’ve travelled over there and they can be irritating but the Right (or rather the Republicans who are far Right) tend to use it as a term for anyone who doesn’t agree with them. A bit like the British Left overstating the case by calling all their opponents fascists.
    Liberalism? What to most of us in Britain and Europe is a (slightly rusty) badge of honour, to most of them in the States is a mark of shame.


  2. Unfortunaterly the ‘liberals’ tend to assume anybody who doesn’t agree with them is a fundamentalist Christian right wing nut job.

    It cuts both way. I can’t actually see any way American society can recover.


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