Google Boss Slags Britain

Google boss Eric Schmidt has slagged off British education, saying we are going to be losers in the digital age if we don’t teach kids “computer science.”

He’s from the nation that gave us Microsoft and Bill (not fit for purpose) Gates of course. On top of that what has innovations has Google given us? Data theft. Invasion of privacy. And the notion that thinking isd best left to computers … with the inevitable catastrophic results.

As for Schmidt’s suggestion that “computer science” should be on the curriculum as it is in the USA, I had to explain last week to a Yank who claimed to be “a compuder science major” that Computers were not invented by NASA scientists working on the Apollo Lunar Exploration project.

Mind you, I behave like a twat to him. I tried a Turing test on the guy to see if he could think like a human. He failed. So much for American Education.

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6 thoughts on “Google Boss Slags Britain

  1. The problem with teaching IT is the basics are known to everyone making the compulsory bit so boring few take on the A Level. When you get to the A Level difficulty jumps about 10 ranks!


    • These days the basics are so remote, so far removed from everyday computing tasks it would be pointless teaching them until degree level.

      Sorry, I’m being snobbish. My first program was loaded from punched paper tape back in the days when ‘booting up’ meant setting arrays of bootstrap switches on a mainframe the size of a portakabin. 🙂

      IBM plans chips that replicate the human brain


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