Polypills: The Arse dribble bandit rides again.

A new plan being mooted by government, the medical professions and those incurable altruists Big Pharma would see a polypill containing aspirin, calcium channel blockers and statins (the arse dribble drug) being given to everybody over 50. By force if necessary.

We’ve been here before:

The Misery Pill, Obesity, Depression and Arse Dribble
The certainty of arse dribble
Calorie Offsetting: Why get fat when you can pay a poor person to do it for you
Do Diet Pills Work? It’s the Arse Dribble, Stupid


7 thoughts on “Polypills: The Arse dribble bandit rides again.

  1. Thanks for the links. I’m quite knowledgeable about the things that can go wrong with bum-holes, and I thought it was all hilarious.

    If everyone behaves themselves, I will not write anything about certain surgical devices, and my last two operations.


    • You will not embarrass us, daughter dear (co-author Cleo Hart) use to sell the appliances to which you refer. She worked for a genuine surgical appliances firm though and promises me she never dealt with the type that take two AA batteries.


      • It’s not the embarrassment, so much as the sheer repulsiveness of quite a lot of the recent past… People used to ask me about the treatment, but when I gave them details, they would usually ask me to stop. Words like anastomosis are ones I would prefer not to have learned.


      • Understood. I have developed a knack of ignoring the elementary Greek learned in the lower school (before the subject was dropped by all sane fifteen year olds) when confronted by medical words that have a certain menacing quality.

        On the other hand a sub arachnoid infaction is not at all messy. Did you know that infarction dervives from farcire, the same root as a certain word for the sex act. So when doctors talk about an nfaction its just a polite way of tellin you you’re fucked.


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