FoI Act – Freedom of Irony

Intersting story in the Independent today about the tobacco giant Phillip Morris trying to use the freedom of Information act to get their hands on research by Srirling University about teenager attitudes to smoking.

The lefties, who you may recall were prominent in the campaign for a freedom of information act (and were right for once) are screaming and shouting about how unfair it is that organisations thery don’t like can use the act in the same way as people they approve of.

What did they think was going to happen?

Tobacco Giants Wants Research Data
Asterix Attacked By Academic Taxeaters

2 thoughts on “FoI Act – Freedom of Irony

    • True, and I was alays a big supporter of freedom of information. When I was active in the old Liberal Party one of my big beefs with officialdom was when bureaucrats or government ministers said “It is not in the public interest to release that information,” because it usually would have been very much in the public interest. I never imagined an FoI act would be applied selectively however.


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