Drunk As A Monk In A Cider Store – It’s Drunken Animal Season Again

Anna Raccoon today reports a story that should have all those alcohol awareness hand wringers rushing around in a tizzy.

Drunken moose gets stuck in an apple tree

A few years ago our lotal readers may remember, our own fatsally reported a case of anti social animal behaviour arising from a Swedish Elk’s binge drinking.

It was the drunken elk in the orchard with the antler

Alas these are not uncommon stories nor is animal alcoholism confined to Elks. Some years ago a similarly drunken Swedish elk was accused of causing the death of a woman. Animal lovers will be pleased to know Sweden’s politically correct Thought Police did not prosecute the creature because Sweden’s Elk equality regulations stipulate that animal had to be able to understand the charges against it and the poor beast had totally addled its brain with alcohol and could not understand a word of Swedish.

In Boggart Blog over the years we have reported squiffy squirrels, bladdered badgers, groggy goats, sozzled starlings, a pissed porker and many other drunken animals.

Somebody ought to introduce a twelve step programme to help our furry friends conquer their addiction.

Find more on inebriates elks and pissede pensioners in our archives: Boggart Blog Select 10

4 thoughts on “Drunk As A Monk In A Cider Store – It’s Drunken Animal Season Again

  1. I don’t think the Twelve Step Programme is a good idea…it’s much more fun watching squished squirrels fall out of trees and tizzled tabbies slide helplessly down roofs.


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