Shock ! Horror! Russian Woman Keeps Alien In The Fridge

Forget Europe, unemployment, war, famine, pestilence and plague. Ignore David Cameron’s attempts to make us look like a nation of twats, todays big story concerns a Russian woman who kept a dead alien in her fridge for two years after it’s spacecraft crashed into her back garden.

Read full story; Woman keeps alien in fridge

Whether you believe the strange creature is really from another world or you think it’s a dead cat, this report proves people keep some very strange things in their fridges. Mrs. Marta Yegorovnam may of course simply be covering up the dastardly murder of next door’s pet which she killed after getting fed up of it shitting in her beetroot patch. As she has now handed the corpse over to the authorities we will know in due course.

Fat Sally and I are delighted to report this story because even if the object turns out to be very worldly is still establishes the truth of our reports of the strange stuff that lurks in the depths of our dear old Mum’s fridge, Bog Butter

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