Erm … aren’t we forgetting what democracy is about?

I only check in on Scottish blogger Stewart Cowan’s excellent Real Street Blog occasionally which is remiss of me, so I am late bringing you this thoughtful post on the question of gay marriage.

Now my attitude to this issue is that while Guardian readers seem to think same sex marriage is far and away the most pressing issue we have to deal with, ahead of the debt crisis, the age timebomb, immigration, climate chaos, overpopulation and the shrinkage of Murrry Mints, I personally don’t give a flying fuck. We have same sex civil partnerships, that’s fine; as for church marriage, it should be up to the members of that church. And I am not a member of any chuch so I would have no right to express my opinion even if I had one.

Stewart is not of the same mind however, in “Who are the real bigots” he writes:

Just to prove that the SNP are as keen to follow the same agendas as the Lib/Lab/Con Party on support for the European Union and love of social re-engineering, talk of “gay marriage” is in the air north of the Border. And just like in those other parties, people who express an opinion contrary to these agendas are portrayed as being fruit loops. People like me who argue (reasonably) calmly and logically are the “nutters” while those who try to shout down people with opposing views by calling them names and demanding they shut up and apologise, are standing proudly atop the moral high ground.

(If you want to know who the real bigots are, just look in the comment thread for that post.)

Here we get to something that does concern me a lot. While I expect the Labour party to take an authoritarian and illiberal line (after all Labour only ever approved of the working class having votes so long as the working class were voting for them) and the Tories, ex public schoolboys that they are, seem to be mostly gay or into S&M or something themselves it is appalling to see Liberal Democrats who have the shameless audacity to still use the word liberal in their name, joining the ranks of those Stewart describes, who are quick to brand anyone voicing opposition to the politically correct concensus of the ConDemLab one party state as right wing nutters. And the SNP too. It proves beyond any doubt the political class are out of touch with the voters, reality and their own sanity.

It seems we are losing sight of what democracy is all about because all polls show if this issue was put to the vote, the gay marriage campaign would lose. It will not be put to the vote for the same reason as Call Me Dave will not allow a referendum on EU membership.

Not long ago some UK libertarian bloggers had an impromptu “Laugh At California Day“, mocking the politically correct insanities and inanities of the global capital of Crazy.

My second fave post that day was on a move to take children away from parents who give their kiddies meat to eat. Favourite was a move to extend full human rights to Goldfishes.

California was the first state to enact a law permitting same sex marriage and making it compulsory for all churches including Catholics to perform same sex ceremonies (Mosques, unsurprisingly were given exemption on religious grounds, in the ConDemLab party hypocrisy is accepted, open mindedness is not) The law was later overturned in a state election but the gay lobby with the help of a gay activist appeal court judge the democratic vote was blocked (Proposition 8). That Californian law is now tied up in the US legal labyrinth and will probably never be resolved. Given that the politically correct mind runs on railway tracks and, having no reverse gear, can only go further in the same direction, how long will it be before California legalises marriage between humans and animals (but only same sex humans and animals – heterosexual beastiality, that’s disgusting and a violation of women’s rights).
And how far behind them will our own loonly lefties be.
And how far behind that will the public backlash against gays be? Or has it already started?

In a democracy the opinion of the majority does matter.

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5 thoughts on “Erm … aren’t we forgetting what democracy is about?

  1. I like these quotes regarding democracy

    The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.
    Winston Churchill

    Democracy means simply the bludgeoning of the people by the people for the people.
    Oscar Wilde

    Dictatorship naturally arises out of democracy, and the most aggravated form of tyranny and slavery out of the most extreme liberty.


  2. I’m all for democracy and the democratic process. But I’d still have certain democrats put up against a wall and shot.
    That’s not a quote….that’s just ol’ Athelstan exercising his democratic rights.


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