Elle McPherson To Be Made Redundant? No Way!

A report in a US fashio mag says Elle McPherson has been replaced as “The Body” by someone called Karlie Kloss, a 19 year old bag of bones fashion model who is borderline anorexic and a bit minging.

Now bearing in mind the lovely, slender but shapely Elle is 47 you might think this is not surprising. Bur is Ms Kloss relly about to take over as the fuel of teenage fantasies. As Harry Hill would say, there’s only one way to find out. HAVE A FIGHT!

not elle elle mcpherson

Above top: Karlie Kloss Above: Elle McPherson

It’s not the fact that Karlie is pulling a funny face that turns me off, it’s the sticky out bones. Give me a proper lady with curves. As I have always said there is something very twisted about the fashion industry.

Swimsuit Edition

3 thoughts on “Elle McPherson To Be Made Redundant? No Way!

  1. Hi Ian, great to chat. No-one can replace Elle (“The Body’). She is absolutely gorgeous.As for the other lady–what happened to her hips and arms? She has to fatten up for Xmas–perhaps in Norfolk!


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