Google, Web Pirates and Censorship

A headline caught my eye this morning that related to the debate going on among the digital chatteriati about Barack Obama’s plan to censor web content (to stop anyone seeing anything critical of his Presidency no doubt)

Google remains resolute against online piracy acts
Eric Schmidt has other ideas conerning web censorship

Well they would say that wouldn’t they? Though it’s hard to see what piracy has to do with censorship. Google’s entire business model is based on online piracy. They steal your private datas, they commandeer your content and they manipulate search results.

Involvong Google in this issue is like asking a fox if it supports the abolition of chickens.

Google Boss Slams Britain
SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM – and it’s the fault of Google
Don’t Google It

4 thoughts on “Google, Web Pirates and Censorship

  1. We all helped Google become a behemoth. Now we have to find ways to control it. I’m at fault too–my homepage is Google UK. Perhaps I could go somewhere else? Is it possible?


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