Politically Correct Teachers Vagazzled By Christmas Star

Today’s story come from our Oh FFS correspondent.

Children at the Sure Start centre in Acomb, York, have been told by crypto Nazi politically correct staff to stop making a “diamond” sign while singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. The sick minded perverts highly trained staff just can’t get sex off their minds it seems are worried that the gesture may be interpreted as the sign language representing a vagina.

Angry parents accused of the centre’s staff of “overreacting” A disgruntled mother said: “It seems a little politically correct. These are innocent little children just making a sign to show a star. They’re only five, to them “cunt” is just a word they hear big kids saying. No one had ever given it a second thought but now when parents see their kins giving a “thumbs up” sing they will be scared officious busybodies working for the politically correct thought police will think the child is indicating a desire for anal sex, when a little girl makes a letter ‘o’ with her thumb and forefinger she is letting boys know she has a wide on and when boys shake their fist they are indicating they have an erection.”

Staff members at the Sure Start centre had been on a course to learn Makaton sign language – a system used by about 100,000 people in Britain that assists people with communication difficulties.

The sign for female genitalia is an inverted diamond made with a thumb and forefinger, held in front of the crotch. OK so now you know girls, in certain circumstances it is perfectly OK to smack a disabled person in the mouth. Especially if they work for the local council.

Meanwhile the children in the Boggart Bloig staff creche will entertain us by miming Four and Twenty Virgins.

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