Tumbleweed City West Midlands

Mainstream media are getting their knickers in a twist this morning over gloomy reports from the retail industry. Predictions of “The death of the High Street” abound.

More Closures Likely In Retail Sector:The festive period has been a gloomy one with Barratts Priceless axing over 1,600 jobs and La Senza and D2 Jeans going into administration. Industry leaders have warned that mass discounting failed to kickstart a recovery … The Guardian

High Street Retailers Being Squeezed To Extinction : More shops will collapse into administration or announce store closures in the next couple of weeks, afters suffering from “profits squeezed to extinction” as well as a fall in sales over Christmas, according to the head of Britain’s retail trade body … Daily Telegraph

All in all it conjures up images of desterted town centre streets lined with derelict and decaying shops. A howling wind stirs up dust devils and drives a few ominoius looking tumbleweeds. Somewhere, some unseen creature whistles eerily, wooo – oo – oo – oo – ooo – wooo – oo – ooo and a distant, lone Church bell tolls a funereal rhythm.

How can Boggart Blog predict the furure in such detail?

Well Accrington town centre has been like that for twenty years.

Recovery Bollocks
The Daily Stirrer Begins A New Year

4 thoughts on “Tumbleweed City West Midlands

  1. Does it remind you of those deserted Wild West towns near Tucson? Some high streets are going that way and it’s mainly Tesco’s (and others fault). Am I wrong?


    • The Wild West was probably a haven of suburban peace and tranquillity compared to Accrington these days. Actually I’m not joking, Athelstan outed the Wild West as having been pretty tame in a post exposing Bad History a couple of days ago. Billy the Kid had more in common with Gok Wan than Wayne Rooney and Wyatt Earp was the Louis Spence of Wichita it turns out.


  2. Thanks for the mention….
    I think that nowadays when we talk about the Wild West, we’re referring to Weston Super mare on a Saturday night. Billy the Kid is a 12 year old serial mugger and Wild Bill Hickock the loud-mouthed local piss-artist.


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