Britain’s Most Racist Person, Diane Abbott Strikes Again

It is a rare achievement for somebody to piss off the entire nation on two consecutive days unless they are Prime Minister, Chancellor, one of the overpaid whining sissys who play Premiership football or Russell Brand.

Diane Abbott MP, Britain’s most racist person this year, has managed it however. After accusing white people of having a colonial agenda (Dammit Carruthers, these darkies are useless, none of them can mix a Gin sling prtoperly”) and black people who become part of mainstream society of sucking up to “de whitey massa,” today she complained that London’s Black Cab drivers will not pick up black passengers.

I doubt this is true. Cab drivers depend on fares for their living and a black person’s pound is as god as anybody else’swhatever their race. Cab drivers are of course entitled to decline a passenger of any race or minority on grounds that they look like they might not pay.

So is Ms. Abbott’s case that black cab drivers are redusing to pick up black passengers in general or Diane Abbott in particular. I suspect it is the latter and not because of her skin colour but because they fear their cab’s springs are not built to take the weight of her arse which appears to be expanding faster than the universe.

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23 thoughts on “Britain’s Most Racist Person, Diane Abbott Strikes Again

  1. Given the massive amounts of money she has claimed for cab fares in her time as an MP, Diane Abbott’s personal experience would suggest she has had plenty of experiences of cabbies stopping for her. (Unless the claims were false.)


  2. This is known as “Uncle Tom” syndrome. People with this syndrome accuse people of buying more white chocolate than dark chocolate because they are biased. Another serious effect of this syndrome is that black people believe they are given harder beds in hospitals.
    Seriously, Ms Abbott should be fired sky high as it is people like her who ignite restlessness amongst our coloured brothers (I live in Egypt: is that word permitted?)


    • I am not sure about the ‘Uncle Tom’ analogy. I am sure she would reject it.

      Diane Abbott does not speak for all black people, though she would like it if she was thought of as doing so. In her own constituency there are people from so many different cultural backgrounds, races and religions, hailing from so many places, that for her to say she can do that is risible.

      What she describes as racial issues are often the English curse of class division in a modern guise. As for her ideology, it is not clear she has one, other than a massive sense of self-entitlement.


      • Techonomist,
        Black people seem to be reberlling as they are in America. Lumping people together by skin colour makes no sense. A laweyer earning £250,000 a year and a £200 a week office cleaner are not likely to have much in common wherever they are from.


    • It is in Egypt. And you can say what you like in the Boggart Blog office 🙂

      It’s like kids having to say Baa Baa Woolly Sheep. It just doesn’t sound right. Its as bad as saying To exist or not to exist.



  3. Ms Abbott is simply empowering the Brotherhood. And disemboweling the rest of us. Give her a break – let her soar! 😉

    PS You are my review winner, Ian! Congrats, you won “Migrating Birds” – now I must send the book to you so I need your address. That will put you under obligation to provide me with a full critique, I am afraid 😉


    • Anna, will do but not in a public forum.

      Seeing as I like you, would you prefer a critique (balaned and impartial) or a “peer” review (biased and partisan, ideal for driving a few sales).

      Asd for race, I’m sick of hearing about it.

      One thing that amused me about Ron Paul in the US Republican thingummy, he says he would repeal the Racial Equality law because it’s not fair that a black shop owner can refuse to serve a white customer but a white shop owner would commit a crime in refusing to serve a back.

      I’m not sure if he was being ironic or he’s just a twat. Either way there’s some fun in store.


      • Hi Ian,
        Balanced and impartial critique, absolutely! Yes, PM the address or send it to my home email address when you can.

        Reverse forms of racism (and it is an unfortunate term, I agree) do exist and thrive in some part of the world. In South Africa in the nineties (ie when I lived there after ANC finally came to power) we had something called the “Afirmative Action” – it was a form of reverse racism. For example, a black applicant solely by virture of their skin colour had to take precedence before any white candidate for a job even if the white candidate was better qualified. Same with places at universities etc, etc. In some ways it was justice but a white kid with no prospects to find a job who had never done anything racist in his or her short life doesn’t quite see the justice, only prejudice and unfairness.


      • They are veruy big on Affirmative Action over the pond in the Good Ol’ USofA. It is a masively divisive policy and bound to end in problems.
        Many sensible centre-right commentators such as P.J. O’Rourke have said quite bluntly, “Creating a new privileged class based on colour or sexual orientation wil create rather than solve racial divisions.


  4. I can confirm that what ms Abbott says is true, when hailed by a young black youth who is with his three mates who at 11pm then asked to be taken to the North peckham estate or to any of the estates in Brixton.

    It is outrageous that the Cab driver then refuses to take them dare he…no matter how often he gets robbed he should not refuse them.

    as a matter of balance should ANYONE ask to go to these areas late at night then they will get a resounding NO!


    • When I worked in London in the 80s and 90s it was well known few cabbies would venture south of the River after 11:00pm.

      But they should have that right, it’s their living.


      • I agree 100% I worked in Brixton and cabby’s would refuse to take people there regardless of there race creed religion or colour. I forget how many crime reports I took from cab drivers in that area…most were bilking but one was a murder where he had his throat cut!


      • In north east Lancs the cab drivers will not go to traveller sites. The majority of cab drivers are Asian and they hate the travellers, even the East Europeans.

        Diane Abbott and people lioke her only present on aspect of a multi faceted problem.


      • At my last place of work (Greenwich Borough)the Steven Lawrence Borough, we had very bad problems with racism, not white black..but Afro Caribbean against the Somalian community, they hate each other with a passion and they were and are always at each other..but this is never reported…Diane Abbott and the likes of Lee Jasper perpetuate the “Race” issue to further their own agendas, they just cant let go, if you try to have a honest and factual discussion about the issue, if you say anything that goes against what they say you are branded a racist, I had one chap ranting on about how his ancestors were forced into slavery I asked if his forefathers were the slaves or they slave traders as many Black Africans rounded up other tribes and communities and delivered and sold them to the slave traders, he went ballistic and categorically stated that it was only the “whites” that rounded up the slaves and that any reference to anything else was made up by the white s…When I stated that slavery is still going on in Africa today he nearly hit me screaming that this was a whitemans lie..

        Until everyone understands the complexities of our history and understands that history is written by the winners there will always be factions that will twist it to their own advantage.


      • I reported a story of a flourishing slave trade in Niger supplying chld labour to Nigeran sweat shops on an American liberal blog once.

        I think if they could have reached me they would have lynched me.


  5. I have some bad news for some of the self-righteous loud-mouths in the black community – racism isn’t some pervasive all-white disease; it applies to all kinds of ethnic people in the UK.
    No doubt the Abbots of this world would like to see the perversion of “positive discrimination” by which black people get a hand up at the expense of white candidates. Well, guess what? They have exactly the same educational opportunities as Asian and Chinese kids so why are THEY failing so miserably? Look inwards, Ms Abbot instead of blaming everything on ‘whitey’. As a middle-aged Englishman, I’m sick to the back teeth of being a scapegoat for all the racial ills in this country.


    • Many will say “here here” to that.

      I wish black people would wake up and stop blaming all their misfortunes on the colour of their skin. We’re not perfect but we are better than most societies at welcoming outsiders.


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