Don’t Call Him Jesus Just Yet

This story was actually published on New Year’s day I think, but it only caught my eye when I was sorting the papers for recycling.

Miracle Baby

A woman who was born with only one ovary and had the other ovary removed when she was 12 has given birth to what doctors are calling a miracle baby.

Okay, fair enough, if she somehow managed to produce an egg without any ovaries then probably that baby has the right to be called Jesus, or Owen Meany perhaps.

And surely the doctors should know? After all they have undergone extensive medical training and they should be able to identify something that defies all possible logical explanations shouldn’t they?

Well the doctors do know that she actually partook of IVF treatment using a donor egg.

That’s not a bloody miracle it’s just quite commonplace medical procedure.

6 thoughts on “Don’t Call Him Jesus Just Yet

  1. A couple of weeks ago I had a lot of fun playing rope-a-dope with some American god botherers after I made a playful reference to immagulate conception.

    “This is not to do with the birth of Jesus you fool,” they told me, “it’s about God cleansing Mary of sin so Jesus could be born to a mother who was pure.”

    After explaining that what Pope Bonkers tyhe 666th said in 1400AD was of no relevance to pagans I explained that to the British immaculate conception is a euphemism for jizz finger.”

    They really loved me.


    • Absolutely and its one of my favourite bugbears, front page headlines for non stories, the Screaming Red Tops are the worst but you have to say that the mail and The Express are rapidly closing the gap.


      • Now porn publisher and Big Brother ownde Richard Desmond owns it, the only thing that stops the Express being a red top is it doesn’t actually have a red top.

        Our Dad would turn in his grave is he wasn’t scattered on Dunmail Rise. I don’t know if you remember when he worked for the Express but he loved the newspapers industry.


      • I certainly do remember the Express days, although not The News Chron:)
        He and John Heaps used to have long discussions about what would be the best way to revive the paper’s ailing fortunes. John was in favour of going tabloid, Dad thought they’d be better staying the way they were, but I’m quite sure both of them would have stuck with quality journalism rather than the widespread curse of gossip,slebs and sensationalism so beloved of our national press at the moment.


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