Football really is in big trouble with this race thing.

The lastest chapter in the desultory narrative on racism in football was written on Friday night in the FA Cup tie between Oldham and Liverpool.

It is alleged a Liverpool fan racially abused Oldham player Tom Adeyemi who was so upset at being called a “b**** cunt” he burst into tears. Boggart Blog thinks this incident is so serious we have linked to a report of it in Britain’s most reliable newspaper, The Currant Bun which we trust to give a completely unbiased account of any story concerning Liverpoool.

Although our intitial reaction to this latest race row was that Adeyemi should have been red carded for being a wuss and a big girl’s blouse, we later heard the testimony of Liverpool fans which puts a different perspective on the incident. They insist he was called a “Mank bastard”. Now that really is racism.

Changing topic slightly; I put the Manchester United / City match on a few minutes ago and the first thing I heard was that City had had a men sent off. Obviously someone had looked at Partice Evra “a bit funny.”


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11 thoughts on “Football really is in big trouble with this race thing.

  1. Well Man U. won but the red card was big news.

    It is difficult to stop crowds being racist but that is not common. When players act like this (an England Captain as you know), this should be prosecuted and a huge fine result. If Rooney can be fined so hugely for a night out, John Terry should go the cleaners.


    • Totally disagree Rob. If, and let’s remember it is still if, any evidence of John Terry’s guilt emerges he should be suspended.

      If we start to accept that a man should be convicted solely because his accuser is a member of a privileged elite (which is what lefties are trying to turn blacks into) the justice system will have stepped backwards 300 years.

      To get some perspective on this read Lee’s comment below, he is in a much better position to comment than I.

      And don’t forget I’m technically “black” because I’m only three generations from the tarbrush.


  2. This reaction is so pathetic Ian. I’ve got Asperger’s syndrome and suffer far worse verbal, and sometimes physical abuse, on an almost weekly basis. No-one has been arrested yet though.


    • That’s exactly the point I’m trying to make Lee, these guys who scream racism should just be told to man up.

      Really it’s a form of cheating. They know the football authorities take unproved accusations of racial abouse far more seriously than they take breaking an opponent’s leg so they claim racial abuse in an attempt to get somebody sent off.

      I’m 5′ 6″ and stocky build. I don’t want anyone prosecuted for calling me shortarse or stumpy. It just doesn’t hurt me.


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