Science brings doomsday closer

Yesterday we brought you a new word to describe the system of government that prevails in the failed democracies of the west. Today we bring you news of the latest bid by those who want to replace democracy witth a scientific dictatorship (aka idiotocracy), and they lastest attempt to spread so much fear and panic people will gladly give up their independence and become slaves to the god of big government. Yahoo news reports:

The Doomsday Clock has been moved one minute closer to midnight – meaning that the world is theoretically one step closer to a huge global disaster.

This week, the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists (BAS) moved the hands of the symbolic clock from six to five minutes before midnight to reflect the world’s lack of progress on battling climate change, and new states pursuing nuclear weapons that could spell Armageddon.
Full story:

Well if we are at five – to – midnight now, what happens when the clocks change in March.

Somehow I think the world will carry on in exactly the same way.

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4 thoughts on “Science brings doomsday closer

    • Well according to long range weather forecasts, which are always wrong, we are in for a mild winter. This means March might be when we get this year’s big freeze when temperatures drop to -15 and for days there is no wind to turn the wind turbines.

      Very chilling.


      • Good point, but I meant a March pre-emptive nuclear strike on Iran-type chill. But as ever, we’ll see.
        Petrol @ 5 squid a litre should at least get a lot of those bloody pootlers off the roads.
        Every cloud etc..


  1. […] Apart from being constantly surprised at the number of scientists who don’t understand what infinity actually means, I am also mystified at how people who call themselves scientists can claim that someone doing equations based on some numbers they made up, and a lot of very subjective interpretations of such data as exists actually proves anything, it is refreshing for someone such as I, a born sceptic, but one whose knowledge of physics is confined to what happens in this world, to see people such as Mr. Pomeroy, who obviously has studied theoretical physics, and the professor whom he has cited, point out the illogicalities and glaring gaps in Big Bang Theory. RELATED POSTS: Infinity and The Myth Of Space and Time Before Big Bang (a philosphy students view of the origin) Science: Did big brains create consciousness? The problems with determinism and materialism Gravitational waves: another Einstein myth? Science is laundering reality Wormholes, the science behind dreams of interstellar travel Science catches up with Harry Potter – almost Science brings doomsday closer […]


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