Take your Ugg boots and stick them so far up your …

The spammers are still busy in spite of all Google’s inept and ineffectual attempts to stop them.

In one way it is satisfying to know everything that bunch of incompetent semi autistic idiots do to try to stomp on comment spam actually rewards spammers. And that least the comments the spammers post do not now dilute our score for search engine listings.

I usually don’t bother deleting spam comments any more if they have no more than two links. One type of comment spam does really annoy me though and always gets booted off. I am talking of course about Ugg Boots spam.

I don’t know why Ugg boots spammers piss me off so much, perhaps it’s the stupid name of the product. Or perhaps it is the stupid product that invites stupid people to part with large amounts of their hard earned to buy a pair of overprices wellies that are not even very waterproof simply because someone who gets paid to puff products said these boots were “kewl.”

The spam comment that holds the record for annoying me most however, although we haven’t seen much of them for a couple of years, are those that plug Emu oil.

Now this, fo the uninitiated, is a kind of linement like Tiger Balm. Emu oil is loved and venerated by those who think it’s big and clever to jump off mountains with planks tied to their feet. I know this because even as I type my daughter will be somewhere in the Alps, jumping off a mountain with a plank strapped to her feet. And no doubt she will be reeking of Emu oil. No wonder the girl can’t get a man.

Anyway whayt pisses me off about Emu oil spam is (a) because spam comments have links to hundreds of suppliers the manfactureres are behind the spamming. dnd (b) they people who make this stuuf are crooks and liars. I looked on a jar of the vile concoction once and it is made from herbal extracts and essential oils. There are no Emus in it. And there are no effing Tigers in Tiger Balm either.

This may please animal lovers but if I was to shell out for something called Emu oil I would feel cheated to learn there are no squashed Emus in it.

We live in a world full of deceptions.

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