Great Sporting Analogies #1

Just been watching the Aussie Open semi final, Nadal v Federer.

They had a break in the second set because of a firework display! Way to go Aussies!

But that’s not the point of the post.

Back in the day Stuart Hall, he of It’s a Knockout fame, was renowned for his long and winding introductions to his post football match reports for Final Score,bearing no relation to any football match ever, let alone the one that he was reporting on, and then finally having for instance rumbled on about the trials and tribulations facing Deadalus and Icarus in their efforts to escape their oppressors through the power of flight he would add something like, “And so it was for City tonight in their struggle to reach the Carling Cup final, they flew too high, their wax melted and they were sent plunging into the ocean of defeat below.”

You’ll be glad to know that this fine art is alive and well and currently being bandied about down under.

As Nadal was serving to level the first set at four all, having been three love down, one of the commentators came out with this masterpiece.

” It’s Australia Day today and Roger Federer is having a big party at his house with two huge security guards to not let Nadal in and Nadal just punched them both out with one left hook, one first set and now is knocking on the door. Federer is diminished into the little, little guy and Nadal is just pushing past, “Out the way, moveover, I’ll have a beer mate.”

Absolutely priceless.

One thought on “Great Sporting Analogies #1

  1. Ah, good old Stuart with his poetoic metaphors, literary allusions and references to the classics.

    But when you said fireworks did you mean rockets and coloured flares or did you mean Marcos Baghdatis smashing his rquests type fireworks?


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