I have mixed feelings about graffiti. At it’s best it is a beautiful, witty and thought provoking social comment, a form of public art that can enhance our environment. The work of banksy springs to mind.

When lefties and pseudo – intellectial posers start saying all graffiti is a valid form of self expression however who just end up with brainless little coprolites with hoodies and spray cans to run around spraying their stupid tags everywhere it just makes an area look every bit as bollocksed up as it probably is.

It’s very much the same effect as leftie shrinks had on poetry when they started telling assorted mentalists that their incoherent, monomaniacal scribblings were “poetry.” Do we want art to to the way of poetry? I hope not.

Banksy is not the only talented street artist with something to say however. Look at this picture by a Russian exponent of aerosol art known only as P183 in his homeland and as “The Russian Banksy here.


In this image there are many possible layers of meaning from the sinister to the satirical. Don’t know about you but I love it.

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