Syria: The West Fails To Understand Again.

The west’s desire to send troops into Syria and give the rebels air support has, predictably been thwarted by Russia and China both still pissed off at the way a UN resolution permitting humatiratian missions was used to effect regime removal (we can’t say regime change because since well before the fall of Gadaffi there has not been a regime in Tripoli.)

No doubt Assad’s treatment of in Syria is and has always been brutal and inhuman but is military intervention the best option to stop the killing.

One thing western leaders have not thought of trying yet is to say to the rebels, “Look, we’re not going to help you, the UN charter forbids foreign powers taking sides in civil conflicts.

If you want the government militia to stop killing your guys, why not stop shooting and throwing bombs at them.”


3 thoughts on “Syria: The West Fails To Understand Again.

  1. Ian you are completely off track. This is not a Catch 22. The Syrian army is intent on complete submission whether people shoot at them or not. They are defending themselves (just now you’ll say the army is defending itself!). Assad is brutal and there is no end unless someone intervenes.China and Russia have a hidden agenda and most of it is Obama intervention.

    Syrians are dying at the rate of 1000 a week and Assad should be allowed free reign. No way.


    • They were not defending themselves when they started protesting – they thought that limp dicked Goldman Sachs puppet Omana was going to help them.

      I’m gobsmacked at how many people seem to be so eager for global nuclear conflict they are believing the distorted picture western media is presenting.

      Have a look at this Most Syrians Back Assad – Jonathan Steele, The Guardian

      Steele is not saying this shows Assad is a good leader, but that the people fear the alternative, Islamist nutters, more than they fear Assad.

      Have you learned nothing from three other uprisings. Tunisia rebelled and has ended up with a bunch of fanatics in charge, Egypt rebelled and ended up with a bunch of fanatics getting ready to form a government. Libya rebeled and the last I heard pro Gadaffi forces were regrouping and hitting the disorganised rabble western news media calls the interim government.

      What’s happening is bad but do we really want to get involved in another Afghanistan. Has they one we are in already not cost enough lives and money?


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