We Told You So. Education overrated – official.

Boggart Blog has said it before and we’ll say it again. Education is overrated. How much do we poor taxpayers stump up to put little no marks through higher education only for them to make a career of claiming benefits> (Mind you, you need a PhD to hay your way through the claim forms these days.)

Well now it is official, higher education is a waste of time. A graduate has no more chance of getting a job than someone leaving the local chav academy with nothing more than an ASBO to their name.

Figures released today from the Office for National Statistics (ONS will once more raise questions over the value of higher education, and whether the education policy over the past 25 years based on dumbing down should be scrapped. The ONS reports that almost 26 per cent of 16-year-olds who left school with “only a GCSE qualification” are unemployed.

At the same time, almost 25 per cent of all 21-year-olds who left university with a degree are unemployed.

The problem is compounded by the fact that many of those unemployed graduates have had expectation raised atrificially by Education Dept propaganda that not only are they too dim to retrain as plumbers, sparks and mechanics, they are too pompous to take a vocational course in Macology and get jobs as burger flippers.

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7 thoughts on “We Told You So. Education overrated – official.

    • At Boggart Blog we take a skewed view of things but the real problem is we produce more garduates than society needs and many of the in the wrong areas.

      My daughter spent 3 years at Uni, got a 2.1 and like all but one of her housemates ten years later has nver had a job connected with her degree subject.

      She now has a good job in France, but that came about through her love of snowboarding and a chance meting a few years ago.

      The video sounds good, hope you get it made.


  1. My personal opinion, is that the education system needs a massive overhaul, under the current system, unless you’ve got some form of work experience under you’re belt, you’re pretty much destined for the dole Que.

    The action needed to overcome these barriers, is that the government needs to close the majority of Universities around the country and only leave the top one’s for Specialist courses e.g Law, Medicine, Science etc:

    College courses need to have some form of work experience introduced as that’s what the majority of Employers are looking for as well as paper qualifications and exam results.

    As things stand just now, A degree from a standard University can be a barrier to Employment just like a Criminal Record, only difference between the two, is that the Student has piling debts mounting up.

    The barriers along the spiraling debt puts unfair burden on most the majority of Graduates who leave University and look to step foot into the workplace.


    • Good points. The most intelligent and versatile people I worked with had almosyt all progressed from leaving school at 16 and getting their further education at night school or on day release.

      I took that route myself, though I could have gone on to sixth form to do A levels I could not get out of full time education fast enough.


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