An Irony Waiting To Happen

Yesterday we reported on a Japanese plan to built an elevator (or lift in proper English, to take passengers 60,000 miles into space.

Today we learn that Dickhead Branston’s flagship spaceship venture Virgin Galactic will be ready to commence test flights next year.

It would, would it not, be just perfect in a Titanicish way if the Japanese elevator to the stars (well partway to the moon,) while on its first journey to nowhere was involved in a collision with one of Branston’s spaceships which will not get into space but only about ten miles higher than you charter flight to Benidorm.

Two idiotic projects wiped out at a stroke and the myth of Daedalus and Icarus and the consequences of hubris reaffirmed.

It would take a monumental cock up of course but we live in hope.

8 thoughts on “An Irony Waiting To Happen

  1. Yes Branson, rich as he is, will never get further than the outer atmosphere–if that. I’ll be very surprised if even that comes off. He’s a dreamer but he’s not NASA.


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