Funny Exam Answers. There Really Is No Hope For Humanity

It is probably too much of a generalisation to say humanity when what I mean is the English speaking world but the website currently going viral, really does lead one to think that the pandemifc of dumbing down is universal.

Teacher from Britain and America are posting the silliest, wildest, most hopeless answers to exam questions on the website. A few years ago pages such as this would have featured verbal errors but now it seems pupils are so conditioned to communicate in non verbal images they draw picturesa to illustrate their stupidity.

Sample some of the postings at Funny Exam Answers

We told you so, education IS overrated
Money, money, Money
Google Boss Slags Britain

3 thoughts on “Funny Exam Answers. There Really Is No Hope For Humanity

  1. Yes Ian. Ask them if they have tasted a blueberry and they’ll say no, but they know a Blackberry.We’re failing kids with our present education system.


    • I thionk those who despair of modern education (and I’m one) are looking at this from the wrong angle and thus missing the real agenda.

      If the aim is to turn future generations into compliant consumers dependent on the state because they are not equipped to think for themselves, it is working.


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