Cardinal Sin?

I heard on the news that the people in charge of Westminster Abbey are senDing memberS of the boys choir to The Vatican to sing for the Pope.

The Vatican? The Headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church. There are more priests in The Vatican than there are germs on a month old sausage.

And he people at Westminster Abbey are sending a bunch of little boys there?


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4 thoughts on “Cardinal Sin?

    • You played your harmonica instead of your Bazouki? You really don’t like religion much do you.

      Why not learn the bagpipes and then demand an audience with the Cardinal O’Brien. That would be really cruel.

      (and it does not matter if you are an expeert or a novice, it’s still cruel…)


  1. Yes, Priests and young children are not a good mix. If I was twelve I’d stay very far away from a Catholic priest. Actually I’d stay away from any priest.


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