How Did We Manage In The Old Days

Back when I was footloose and fancy free the majority of my peers managed to conduct entirely satisfactory sexual relationships without the comfort of their parents’ roof over their heads.

It’s not like it is today where my generation tend to be quite tolerant and understanding of our offsprings’ raging hormones and their need to satisfy certain urges, especially when they are in a relationship.

How times have changed!

Indeed even after middle brother got married, when they visited the parental home the new Mrs. T. shared my bedroom while he slept downstairs on the sofa. Well for the first two years anyway.

And I can’t recall the number of snogs that were interrupted by my Dad just going to get a glass of water, when the sitting room was at the opposite end of the house to the kitchen!

But as I say, and I’m sure readers of a similar age will concur, we managed;)

So this weekend we were scheduled to be off down in Newbury for a friend’s birthday.

However SezJez came down with one of her bouts of tonsilitis. We pander to her every whim and tell her to keep taking the paracetamol in the hope that it will pack up and leave, but, as happens about 1 in 4 times, it digs its heels in and she ends up ill enough for the doctors to prescribe anti bs. So it was yesterday that we decided she really wasn’t well enough to be left on her own, or to the tender mercies of her big brother, so the weekend was cancelled.

BBC went ballistic! She wasn’t really ill, she didn’t need us to stay, she could go to her boyfriend’s etc etc.

We were a bit bemused at the strength of the reaction and the unreasonableness, but then it turns out he’d a little soiree pour deux chez nous planned and now he’d have to call it off.

Aw diddums. They sure have life too easy these days. Does he not realise how lay – byes got their name?


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2 thoughts on “How Did We Manage In The Old Days

  1. Ah, how well I remember the joys of al fresco shagging.
    Shop doorways, dark alleys, bus shelters after the last bus has gone, behind the bushes in the park On the bandstand in Mesnes Park, Wigan once).

    Couldn’t do those things now of course, you’d both get gang raped and bludgeoned to death.


  2. We did it in Beetles in underground car parks. Difficult but not impossible. Then I bought a 1965 Cortina Estate complete with mattress. Comfort like you’ve never known- and we could go further afield too. Oh, what days (nights).


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