Geneva Motor Show: Genius Or Geekery Gone Mad.

The Geneva Motor Show in recent years has become less about cars than gadgets. Like SxSW in Houston, Texas which used to be a music festival but has gone the same way, these gatherings are now mutual maturbations sessions for geeks and gadget freaks.

This years Geneva show is mostly about electric cars that you don’t have to drive, a computer does all the fun stuff for you. So you pootle along at 12mph in a vehicle designed to go nowhere slowly and you are not driving. You might as well get the bus with all the other losers.

The Honda Diji, the outer skin of which is a giant, curvaceous screen that can display just about anything that can be put on a screen. But not much room for a to get you leg over in the back seat. Not that the geeks who designed it would ever think of getting their leg over while there are gadgets to play with.

Electric cars are a pipe dream for sad acts. And cars that drive themselves? Well they must rely on Sat Nav and anyone who has followed Boggart Blog for a while will know how reliable sat nav is. (or you cn check out our sat nav stories in the related posts list at the foot of this article)

Yes, while the wide eyed politicians and the geekocracy are burbling excitedly about electric cars and hybrids saving the planet there is little talk of what a filthy, enery intensive process manufacturing the batteries is (Why do you think Union Carbide moved their manufacturing plants from Europe and the USA to Bophal, India. Yes, THAT Bophal. And there is even less talk of how expensive electric or hybrid cars are and how a replacement battery pack for an average sized car costs around £8,000.

Hmm, so that second hand Prius with just three months warranty you’ve been offered for a knock down price doesn’t look quite such a bargain now does it? Unless of course you are one of those twunts that thinks computers will soon be able to think like humans, that advances in medical science will enable us to live forever and that we are just a whisker away from interstellar travel.

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4 thoughts on “Geneva Motor Show: Genius Or Geekery Gone Mad.

  1. As an autophile I tend to agree and disagree. There were many ‘normal’ cars at the Geneva show and ,of course, there were electric vehicles which are not the future yet. In fact they’re nowhere near it but manufactures still believe that a 100km on a charge is good. It is not. Until Electric cars can travel at least 1000 km uninterrupted there is no market for them.
    So, the cars are appearing before battery technology can catch up and that will be years. Many surveys have shown this.

    The Prius is a hybrid (petrol/electric), and these are the cars that will rule soon!


    • Prius will rule? Apart from the fact that they’re a glorified mobility scooter but cost as much as a medium spec BMW. And the fact that there is no boot space and only a tiny back seat because the gigantic battery pack takes up so much space.

      Hydrogen is the only realistic alternative to the ICE but it takes enormous amounts of conventionally generated electricity to prepare a fuel cell for use.

      Fatsally and me have the perfect solution to future transport needs. Only people who have an ancestor that held a driving licence before 1930 should be allowed to drive cars. 😀


  2. Oooh i love a gadget, but car nik naks are not what does it for me. We did try a satnav a few weeks ago. On the second outing we ended up going wrong. My beloved would rather believe a gadget than his wife who has been this way three times, the numpty.


    • So brainwashed are we that a lot of people would rather believe a gadget than their own senses. Which is how an Asda van got stuck in a green lane, a driver in Newcastle drove into the water of Tynemouth harbour and a friend of my daughter ended up in the middle of a flock of sheep on a welsh hillside while trying to get from Edinburgh to Hull.

      I worked with technology for 25 years and know what bodges and lash ups we had to do in order to give the appearance it was working.


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