Return Of the Dinosaurs.

Apparently a chap by the name of Ali Campbell has been sharing his insights into the relationships between the sexes.

Mr. Campbell, who hasn’t previously been noted for his empathy with other members of the human race, be they male or female, has observed that if a woman, on meeting a bloke, turns her head down and casts her eyes from side to side then she is definitely up for it.

Who knew? I always thought if I didn’t make eye contact with a chap and cast my eyes from side to side it would indicate I wasn’t interested and was desperately looking for a way to escape.

No doubt in the next exciting installment Ali will tell us that if she says “No” she really means “Yes! Yes! Yes!”

3 thoughts on “Return Of the Dinosaurs.

  1. Wow, hit on Campbell. Apart from practising his bagpipes, Mr Campbell should know that the lass turns her head down to avoid his stupid glare and casts her eyes from side to side looking for an escape route as you said. However it appears that Mr Campbell has been meeting too many hookers who are trying to guide him outside. “Left, right, look for a way out with me baby.”


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