Ken Livingstone: Beacon Of Islam Or Bonfire Of The Vanities

Out campaigning in suport of his bid to be re-elected Mayor of London, King Kenute Livingstone (trying to turn back the tide) has promised that if he wins he will make London a “Beacon Of Islam.” Read full story

Most political commentators have dismissed this as shameless gribbing for the Pakistani vote.

There is another possibility however. After his recent difficulties with the Labour leadership over his offshore companies, Ken could have joined the BNP and be revealing a plan to burn down all the Mosques.

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4 thoughts on “Ken Livingstone: Beacon Of Islam Or Bonfire Of The Vanities

  1. No, I think you were right the first time – going for the Pakistani vote (not to mention the Bengalis and other unmentionables). He chose to do his quasi-Islamo-phone preaching from, of all places, Finsbury Park mosque, a veritable nest of venomous parasites. Our Ken has always courted fanatics (IRA, PLO) and you have to give him his due – at least he’s being consistent.


    • Why is it the most inappropriate people are most eager to be sperm donors. Think of how those poor kids would feel if they ever found out who was their biological father.
      Is it possible to die of shame.


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