yApprentice: The Roman Circus rides again

Nice to see the Roman Circus Apprentice back on our screens last night with the usual cast of cliche merchants, one trick ponies and headless chickens.

Pity the Bulgarian lass had to go, she was quite attractive but motormouthed her way out when another contestant was already halfway through the door. Still, she will always make a nice living from her people trafficking business.

It is more plainly visible than in previous years that the contestants are more iterested in fifteem miutes of fame and a future as a presenter of the shopping channel than in any job or business opportunity that might be on offer. For what other reason would these allegedly well educated and successful young people people refer to themselves as ‘the blonde assassin’, ‘a shark’, ‘a reflection of perfection’ sexually suggestive descriptors. One knob (the potential cliche merchant of the year) even said he believes success is ‘caught not taught’. What, like the clap?

Lord Sugar himself has fallen victim to grandiose delusions. I want to be Lennon to your McCartney he said. Well it’s better than Dec to your Ant, Scooby Doo to your Shaggy or Dappy to your Tulisa.

With the contestants divided by gender the teams had to sell crap to tourists. It was an ideal task for a shark or a bunch of hyenas and the blokes duly won despite thge usually infallible Nick Hewer having described the girls as a pack of braying hyenas.

Ayem there’s the rub you see. Feminists may moan about the business world being male dominated but the apprentice shows why it is so. Put in a competitive situalion, cast as the equivalent of stone age hunters, the men cooperate as stone age hunters had to against their bigger, stronger, faster, more deadly prey. Cooperation is the key to survival.

In such a situation however, instead of focusing on beating the opposing team, the women turn on each other, attacking like a flock of harpies when they spy weakness or vulnerability.

And like the audience at a Roman Circus we look on, fascinated.

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8 thoughts on “yApprentice: The Roman Circus rides again

  1. Am I the only person who has noticed how the contestants do all this profitable business but do not seem to have to consider paying VAT or other taxes on their profits? Given that Sugar keeps telling us it is his money, is he using the show to evade tax?


  2. I have frequently commented to hubby that if these contestants are what is being churned out of the education system then it’s no wonder we’re up shit creek.

    I know the prog’s are edited to make them look even more stupid but they end up making DelBoy look like he knew a thing or two about business and marketing.


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