Is Britain Really A Dystopia?

Not being in the mood for doing anything today on account of my back giving me gyp and with the rest of the Boggart Blog team having abandoned the office because they had sensible stuff to do, I offer you the news reported in The Daily Mash that Britain is now an offocial dystiopia

Here’s a preview of the story:

THE arrival of televisions that can spy on you means Britain is now a fully-qualified dystopia.

As it emerged that TVs containing cameras and microphones have hit shops, experts confirmed this was the final element in the country’s descent into a place ‘where everything is unpleasant or bad’.

Professor Henry Brubaker, of the Institute for Studies, said: “In determining whether a country is a proper dystopia, we use something called the Orwell-Huxley-Dick Scale. It measures nightmarishness.

“It takes into account things like paranoia, evilness of government, lack of privacy, creepiness of technology and the amount of …

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2 thoughts on “Is Britain Really A Dystopia?

  1. Dystopia, or counter-utopia, as a word that sounds like its meaning, doesn’t work at all in summing up the sense of desperation and malaise in good ol’ Blighty now – something out of wiki i found on it is a nice touch though…
    “People are alienated and individualism is restricted by the government”.
    But it takes two to tango hey. I cant help but conclude the main reason we have this entrenched class system periodically wielding the axe of state repression and increasingly heavier tax cosh over our heads is basically… (barring exceptions)we allow it to grow through its fertile political ground of mass sheep mentality.
    Put it another way, how long would Scameron’s clowns last if they tried the same shite on with the French?

    “Bring forth the guillotine”! 😦


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