Two thousand different sex couples in mass wedding in South Korea

South Korea’s Unification Church has held a mass wedding and holy blessing for 2,000 couples from 54 countries.

Over 20,000 followers of the so called Moonie cult gathered for the mass ceremony at a stadium in Gapyeong, near Seoul.

The founder of the church, Rev. Howlin Gat Moon, and his wife were there to bless the mass ceremony. They sprinkled holy water over selected couples and declared them married.

“The mass wedding leads all mankind to be one, removing the boundaries of ethnicities, religions and nationalities. Our goal is making the world peaceful with forming new families,” said Seuk Joon-ho, President of the Unification Church of Korea.

Fine worlds but we notice no same sex couples were involved.

A Boggart Blog reporter sent to cover the even spoke to one of the British couples involved, Wayne and Tracey Chavvington from Barking. They tod us they had treavelled to Korea to be wed because Rev. moon had warned British Moonies that weddings between people of different sexes were about to be made illegal.

6 thoughts on “Two thousand different sex couples in mass wedding in South Korea

    • Having married into a Catholic family I know what you mean though it’s mostly funerals in my wife’s lot :)) but I don’t think Monies are allowed to have punch ups or do anything else that makes life fun.


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