Dogging site goes to the dogs.

A Surrey beauty spot popular with dog walkers and notorious as a location for adults to gather and have sex in public with total strangers is to be the subject of a new project aimed at transforming it.
Surrey County Council (SCC) is to provide funds for a safe community “get a room” facility where people who don’t know each other and don’t have dogs with them can use a cubicle with a double bed, a shower and free disinfectant.

The area, long known as a haunt of traditional doggers and dog walkers is situated on the the Hogs Back (also known as the beast with two backs)a hill between Aldershot and Guildford.

Residents campaigned for years to have the site turned into a legal knocking shop but SCC refused, insisting it should only be used for public recreational purposes or as a wildlife reserve. The issue was finally settled when local widlife expert and dogging enthusiast Mr. Colly Stanmore showed a meeting of the recreation facility a video he had made of two cocks engaged in a ritual mating display as they tried to attract the attention of a Quail.

County Councillor Richard Nookie said he hoped the project would solve the problem.
“This is a practical and environmentally friendly way of putting sex back where it belongs, in the closet. Sex in public has become a major concern for people, especioally those who aren’t getting any,” he said.

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11 thoughts on “Dogging site goes to the dogs.

  1. Gives a new meaning to wildlife. I presume there are a lot of blokes visiting the doctor with painful nether regions. Found out that these guys suffer from ‘tunnelitis’–train too big for the tunnel.


  2. Aren’t you perhaps letting wishful thinking imagination carry you away ( to Hogs Back hill), a bit here?
    Spring is springing, and a young mans heart turns to … dogging.
    ( Well my mut’s heart is anyway – and he should know, being the result of a rape in a local park himself!)


  3. Great article and very good switch up on the names – Mr. Colly Stanmore!!!

    I heard about a number of county councils trying this idea, I get the impression it takes a little bit of the thrill away from dogging.


  4. It seems to be common practice all over the uk now for local councils to try and gate off or shut down local beauty spots after dusk.
    As a woman who enjoys dogging myself, I feel we are doing nothing wrong at a time of night when there is little chance of dog walkers.


    • Thanks for that dogged defence of your preferred leisure pursuits Jayne, and in these days of comment spam it’s nice to se a visitor who is not promoting fake Ugg boots or help with writing degree dissertations. 😀


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