Gorgeous George Is Back

Congrats to former Labour minister, popinjay, professional maverick and feline impersonator George Galloway on his stunning victory in the Bradford West by electon yesterday. With a majority of 10,000 George beat the Labour, Conservative and Lib Dem candidates ot of sight. Respect!

Boggart Blog would wager that today George feels like the cat that got the cream.

George Galloway’s By Election Victory Shows Voters Contempt For Main Parties
Rack and ruination beckons

14 thoughts on “Gorgeous George Is Back

  1. Serves Labour right for being so bloody complacent. I wouldn’t vote for GeeGee if he were the last pussy on earth, but at least he pulled his finger out and actually campaigned on the streets. Also, it’s no bad thing if an outside party successfully breaks up the block-voting system imposed on young Muslim voters by their elders who think they know best.


    • I’d vote for him. All my voting life I have lived in constituencies where the result was known before a vote was cast. So I’d love a chance to be part of an upset like this.


  2. While Gorgeous George isn’t exactly my favourite person (I think he’s a little too full of himself sometimes) his silver tongue is just what we need right now. I bet the Cameron and Osborne are cringing at the thought of the next PM’s questions…

    …or better yet, how about a quick wipp around, we get £250,000 together so that we can pay for Galloway to get a dinner date with Dave C, that would be interesting!


    • I’m sure the BBC will be trying to arrange that rendezvous for us. Or Channel 5 maybe. Dave and Gorgeous Gerorge in the Celebrity Big Brother house? That might even tempt me to watch. :))


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