osts:WTF? More proof computers aren’t intelligent

Someone named “the best ice cream maker” left this comment on Little Nicky Machiavelli where I have visitor comments on moderation. It is the result of using an internet online translation service (which was linked along with an ice cream maker maunfacturer, some other stuff but no Ugg boots Louboutin shoes or “get a bigger dick” potions. You don’t need to know which translation service as you will understand on reading the comment:

Brand-new York was Tory even in Revolutionary occasions. Il n’y a qu’un mot pour ce membre audessus de Bylaws. My preferred coworker, the Poet, states you need to not read such a chain of verses too virtually. She had assisted to unpack it, and take out their linen and suits, when the other boy – his twin-brother, she suspected he was – had gone cuisinart ice cream maker off with the deer and cart. I might assemble information and haul it building to set before my own daddy, as the kin roommate of the four Miss Jenkynses. But either of some of these homosexual ripe people must be relieved of so very a partner. Of the others, most who came to scoff stayed to take raffle tickets; and amongst the phonographs was additionally disposed of in this approach, homemade ice cream maker tumbling, by a satisfied freak of the ballot-box, in to the fingers ice cream maker reviews of Sir William Thomson.’ The other stayed in Fleeming’s forearms, and was a cuisinart ice-21 reservoir of unbounded career. A clerk who has been years in a crisis and has a massive bloodline, which he has brought up respectably and educated. Miss Matty demanded Mrs Forrester in the event she thought it was very best to have walk to recognize such aspects?”

I don’t know how good the ice cream maker is but if it is like the translation software it’s a good bet you will put in all your incredients for ice cream and get a pork pie out.

Needless to say it was not accepted.

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