Teachers To Strike Over Pay And Pensions?

Teaching unions are threatening strike action, members are unhappy not just at pay and pnsions changes but about government plans that will make it easier to sack crap teachers.

Christine Blower, head of a techers’ union said, “The problem with the changes the government is bringing in is that the whole tone of it about catching teachers on a bad day not doing their best whereas what we ought to be doing it having the sort of system where we say we have invested educating and training this person and no matter how crap they are, we should give them a job for life.”

Well catching most teachers on a bad day at school should be like shooting fish in a barrel.

The teaching unions are unhappy with a number of the Coalition’s proposals on education and are threatening to strike this year.

As well as the issue of abolishing the concept of incompetence, the NUT are planning to bring forward two priority motions – one on pay and another on pensions – that are likely to lead to strike action in the autumn term.

Boggart Blog is to some extent with the teachers on the question of sacking. We think techers should be paid according to an independent test of quality on the product they are turning out. An example of the test is that school leavers should be shown a diagram of a naked human body, rear view, and asked to identify the arse and the elbow.

We have a strong feeling teachers paid on their results would end up owing us taxpayersmoney.

If your kids are crap at school it probably means …
Free School Dinners

8 thoughts on “Teachers To Strike Over Pay And Pensions?

  1. Of course, sack crap teachers. Does Britain have a shortage of teachers or are they just providing sheltered employment? A useless lazy teacher may as well be frying burgers in McDonalds.


    • We don’t have a shortage of teachers, we have a shortage of good teachers, on account of people leaving the profession because they are so tied up in bureaucracy they are not able to teach.


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